🇺🇦Excellent Zenit-122 with MC Helios-77m-4 58mm f/2.0!


Zenit-122 35mm film vintage soviet SLR camera

Comes with MC HELIOS-77m-4 58mm f/2.0 lens

Fully manual control + built in meter

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Out of stock

Soviet Zenit-122 + MC  Helios-77m-4 58mm f/2.0



In the Russian Zenit series of SLRs, the Zenit 12 is a slightly updated version of the Zenit TTL, made by KMZ between 1983 and 1994[1]. Improvements included a hot shoe, brighter viewfinder, and LED metering in later models.

Zenit-122 appears to be just a cosmetic update of the Zenit-12 in a polycarbonate body.

From: camerapedia.com



Excellent condition camera with full functionality.

English manual  for this camera can be found here.


Producer: KMZ 

Years of production: from c. 1994

Name: „Zenit-122“

Frame size: 24×36.

Exposure meter: Center-weighted TTL
dual CdS metering with match LED (hi-lo indicator).

Lens: MC Helios-77m-4 2/58

Shutter: 1/8s-1/500s + B.


Comes with top of the line MC HELIOS-77m-4 lens!

Lens is in excellent condition!

Lens barrel has very few signs of use.

Glass is clean and clear, no fungus, no haze, no scratches.

Might have few light wipe marks / few dust particles inside, but nothing to affect image quality.

Mechanically is very good – focusing is smooth.

Aperture blades are snappy, free from oil.



Name: MC Helios-77m-4

Producer: “Jupiter”, Valday, Russia

Focal length: 50mm

Aperture: f/1.8-16

Mount: m42 screw mount

Number of aperture blades: 6

Minimal focus: 45cm

Elements In Group: 6 in 4

Filter size: 52mm

Weight: 240g



Comes complete with:

  • nice Zenit soft case
  • nylon strap
  • front lens cap

This product ships from 🇺🇦Ukraine with tracking number usually within the same business day

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