52mm Nikon R60 filter – for high contrast B&W


Vintage 52mm color filters for B&W photos

5.6x density for high contrast B&W photography

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NIKON R60 RED 5.6x color filter for Black & White photography




Color filters are used in Black&White photography to allow control on how colours are converted to shades of grey.

Use  them to get the right contrast and mood in your photos.


Red – R60

This filter should be used with black & white films or infrared films. It creates a strong contrast, brings out distant scenes and can be used to create a night-time effect by underexposing. Filter factor is 5 or 6.


The chart below shows the effect of filters on various colours.



There’s a lot of info  online on how to use the filters.

More on filters from Ken Rockwell here.




Size: 52mm

Condition: very good to excellent.

Made in Japan.



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