Excellent ARSAT N 50mm f/2 Nikon mount lens, s/n 9500753


Fast  Nikon mount sharp vintage prime lens

Same as Nikon’s own Nikkor AIs lenses in terms of compatibility

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ARSAT 50mm f/2 fast standard lens for Nikon (D)SLRs!


Native Nikon mount lens – no need for adapters to use in on Nikon (D)SLR!

Also known as “MC HELIOS-81H” – the same lens: made on the same factory just made after 1991 – when Ukraine gained independence and lost the rights to the brand name “Helios”.


Highly recommended lens for NIKON users – allows infinity focus without any adapters!


Very compact standard lens, sharp and contrasty even wide open at f/2.0.

Nikon mount is a way these lenses were made: to fit Kiev SLR cameras that have nikon F bayonet.

So for modern Nikon DSLR you need no adapter – just mount it as you would any Nikon manual focus lens with no problems – APS-C or full frame(no limitations).

Based on double-gauss design Arsat is derivative from Zeiss Biotar, which means in the right condition it will have slight swirls in the background.

From Radojuva.com.ua

MC Helios-81N is one of the best standard 50mm Soviet lenses, which gives an excellent sharpness even at full aperture F2.0. Its interesting bokeh with twisting cyrcles. When using on modern digital-SLR cameras with crop factor, it’s perfectly suitable for shooting portraits. MC Helios-81N without any alterations almost always be able to establish themselves on camera Nikon. And its price is just perfect for the quality of the image.”

Arsat N 2/50 fix lens comparing to kit zoom lenses

Arsat is a vintage soviet fixed focal length(prime) lens, in high demand nowadays for their fast aperture(f/2), which opens up a world of possibilities for photographer – selective focusing, low light photography; for their ability to be mounted on various camera systems via affordable and easily available adapters. It is especially useful for Nikon (D)SLR shooters.

Arsat N 2/50 comparing to Helios-44 series

If you are Nikon user then the native Nikon mount Arsat has obvious advantage from the start – it’s native mount means that you do not need adapter and (very importantly) you’ll be able to focus and compose with open aperture, maintaining bright image in your viewfinder.
On the contrary, if you use H-44 + adapter  you will have to work in “stop down” mode – this means your viewfinder will turn darker unless you shoot wide open.

Bokeh and sharpness will differ as well, this will depend which version of Helios-44 you compare it to: in general earlier Helioses-44 will have more “vintagy” character, will be less sharp but will have nicer bokeh due to more blades in aperture

Focal length: 50 mmhelios-81 lens
Aperture range: F2-F16
Lens mount: Nikon F
Number of diaphragm blades: 6
Minimum focusing distance: 0.5 m
Weight: 240 g
The optical scheme: 6 elements in 4 groups
Diameter of front filter: 49mm

On Nikon (D)SLR this lens will work just like Nikon’s own AI(s) series of lenses – image covers full frame(film) and works well on both full frame(FX) and cropped(APS-C) Nikons – with manual focusin of course.

Adapters will be required to use this lens on other modern cameras:

NEX adapter – for Sony NEX E mount cameras
Fuji X adapter – for FujiFilm X-mount cameras
Micro 4/3 adapter – for Panasonic G, Olympus Pen etc

MC Helios-81N (Arsat N) is one of the best soviet era standard lenses –

obvious choice for Nikon SLR shooters.

In the right conditions, textured background swirls slightly.

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The lens s/n 9500753 is in excellent condition!

Lens barrel has very few visible signs of normal use/age.

Glass is clean and clear – has no fungus, no haze, no scratches.

Few light wipe marks / few internal dust particles may be present, but will not have any effect on photos.

Mechanics are excellent – focus is smooth and uniform.

Aperture blades are free from oil.


Comes with both lens caps.

Optics:  ★★★

Mechanics:  ★★★

Appearance: ★★★

Overall:  ★★★

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