FED camera, Leica copy from 1953, boxed!


Early soviet Leica copy

Film rangefinder camera

Fully serviced and ready for film!

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FED ”Barnack”, Leica copy from 1953



FED-1 rangefinder, Leica Barnack copy. Bottom loading early RF camera, with separate viewfinder/rangefinder windows – very compact cam with foldable FED lens.

Serial number 378316 suggests the 1953 as year of manufacture of this beautiful camera

(this link for all FED camera serials)


Engravings on camera top: „ФЭД завод им. ФЭДзержинского“


Condition – very good!

Full functionality.


Professionally CLA’d in a country it was made and ready for film.



Produced: 1934-1955

Name: „ФЭД”

Lens: FED 3.5/50

Shutter: 1/20s, 1/30s, 1/40s, 1/60s, 1/100s, 1/200s, 1/500s + Z.



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Info on how to load film into Barnack type camera here.


Comes with original leather case/strap, lens cap, take up spool.
In original carton packaging, manual and passport.



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