FED-Micron-2 rangefinder camera, s/n 8000465


Soviet rangefinder camera

Alternative to LOMO LC-A which takes less batteries

made of metal and has a real rangefinder

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FED-MICRON-2 Soviet 35mm film camera


FED-Micron-2 35mm rangefinder camera, in excellent condition.


FED-Micron-2 is a full frame version of FED-Micron. CdS meter replacing the less reliable selenium meter in previous version.

Coupled rangefinder introduced in this model.

The hinged back swings open for easier loading.

Take up spool is built-in.


FED-Micron-2 (s/n 8000465)  is in excellent condition!


Very practical camera for aspiring film photographers – think of it as an alternative to LOMO LC-A which takes less batteries, made of metal and has a real rangefinder!


Meter runs on a single LR44 battery (15 pesos for branded batteries in National Bookstore)



Made by: FED, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Frame size: 24mm x 36mm
Lens: Industar 81 lens 38mm f/2,8
Shutter: in auto mode – 1/30sec to 1/640sec;
in manual mode(no battery) – 1/30sec and “B”

Comes with original leatherette case / strap, lens cap and a battery.


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