Industar-23U 110mm f/4.5 enlarger lens


Tools for budget macro, especially if you already own m39 adapter for your camera.

Get impressive macro shots with huge magnifications with these simple tools!

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Industar-23U enlarger lens, 110mm f/4.5


This is lens from enlargers – and as such, it does not have focusing helicoid, focus is preset to about 25cm. To focus enlarger lens one will need to move the camera back and forth until the objects appear sharp.

Can be used on modern SLR as well as mirrorless systems(macro mode only of course): Sony NEX, Olympus Pen, Panasonic G, Canon EOS M, Nikon 1, FujiFilm X-mount etc.


Tiny lens, looks funny on SLR – can serve as cheap macro lens(and as macro only – focusing in limited to close distance on any camera system).


Good condition lens with clean optics.




NOTE: this lens does not have focusing mechanism by design, sharpness is set to about a foot in front of the camera; to focus this lens one needs to move the camera back and forth(doesn’t matter for macro).



Comes with case and m39 to m42 stepup ring adapter.



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