Leningrad vintage photo light meter


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Vintage light meter from Soviet Union

Runs on selenium cells – does not require batteries

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Leningrad – soviet  photographic light meter



Leningrad Light Meters are a series of light meters made by Vibrator factory in Leningrad, former USSR and produced between c.1950-84.



  • Selenium cell
  • Produced between 1954-59
  • Looks like Metrawatt products, in particular the Horvex
  • Body: bakelite
  • Scale for film speeds: 11-700 GOST
  • Scale for Shutter speeds: 60-1/1000
  • Scale for Diaphragm: f/1-f/22


On this meter, everything’s in cyrillic and the film speed index is GOST (which means “state standard”). GOST was a geometric-progression speed and closely analgous to ASA. The export versions had the roman alphabet and ASA instead of GOST.


Meter is conditionally working – selenium meters are not very precise in general and they age with time. But this meter was kept well and it shows close to correct measurements – so it still can be used for metering.


Comes with it’s leather case(some stitches are in need of replacing).



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