Praktica VLC3 vintage 35mm film SLR, body only


Praktica  VLC3 vintage film SLR camera – body only

Made in Germany!


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Praktica VLC3 35mm film SLR camera, body only

Made in Germany!


Full aperture TTL metering by exclusive Electric Diaphragm Control system.Standard pentaprism or interchangeable waist-level finder and top magnifier. Standard microprism screen or choice of six interchangeable screens. Swedish steel-bladed vertical focal plane shutter speeded from 1 second to one-thousandth second, and B. Synchronises up to 1/125th second with electronic flash. Film speed inset from 12 ASA (12 DIN) to 1600 ASA (33 DIN). Co-axial flash socket. (accessory shoe optional). Angled shutter release. Self timer. Rapid wind-on lever. Automatic exposure counter. PL automatic film loading system.

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Here the basic body design has been changed; the PRAKTICA VLC3 has in place of the fixed built-in prism finder, interchangeable finder attachments to give a choice of chestlevel reflex attachment, prism attachment or magnifying attachment. Furthermore, the focussing system of each finder attachment is interchangeable, so that choice is between a simple field lens or one of the special ones. To further increase the camera’s versatility, it can be adapted to the individual style of working. The automatic exposure control of this top model emplys an internal measuriing system independent from the viewfinder which can be used with all three finder attachments. A partially transparent mirror acts as beam splitter and a light dividing system guides the reflected rays to the condenser and finally to the photoresistant cell. Exactly as with the PRAKTICA PLC3 the aperture values are electrically transmitted from the lens to the light-metering system of the camera so that on using lenses with electric diaphragm control, metering takes place with full aperture and full brightness of the finder image. Other PRAKTICA lenses may be used with stopped-down aperture metering.

Dimensions, with prism attachment and with PENTACON auto f/1.8 50 mm. MC lens: 142 mm x 101 mm x 92 mm.

Weight, with prism attachment, with PENTACON auto f/1.8 50 mm. MC lens and battery: 825 g.


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Camera is in excellent condition, all speeds work.

with optional MC Helios-44m-6 lens (not included)

with optional MC Helios-44m-6 lens (not included)

Comes as body only, no lens included.


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