Soviet FED-35A rangefinder film camera


Excellent condition FED-35A film camera

Soviet rangefinder camera with autoexposure mode

Expertly serviced and guaranteed to work well

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Out of stock

Soviet rangefinder FED-35A


Very interesting cool little camera, which is a progression from FED-Micron2 – that was a great camera already, further improved by re-designing the look and the shutter.


Only 6868 unit were ever produced(according to, which makes it rare camera, and in this condition – a real treat for collector.


FED-35A is a full frame miniature rangefinder camera, with very quiet shutter, advance lever, nice viewfinder with parallax frame lines.

Body made of metal, so it’s heft feels reassuring, in contrast to light plastic LOMO cameras.


It has CdS built-in meter and two shooting modes: Auto and Manual.


In “A” – auto mode – the camera chooses the aperture(f/2.8 – f/16) and shutter speed (from 1/60 to 1/300sec) automatically, based on the chosen ISO(GOST) film sensitivity and light conditions.

In manual mode one can set any aperture(2.8-16) and shutter speeds from 1/4sec to 1/60sec+B.



Produced: 1987-1990

Name: „ФЭД-35A“

Producer: FED

Frame size: 24×36

Lens: Industar-81 2.8/38.

Shutter: 1/60s-1/300s (in auto mode) & 1/4s – 1/60s plus “B”(in manual mode).



Camera is in very good condition and is fully functional!


Download PDF manual here.


Comes with original nylon neck strap and lens cap.




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