Sverdlovsk-2 – vintage photographic light meter


Vintage light meter from Soviet Union

Runs on common LR44 batteries

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Sverdlovsk-42- soviet  photographic light meter



The predecessor to the more versatile (and complex) Sverdlovsk-4, the Sverdlovsk-2 is a handy little meter in its own right. Minimal controls and simple, easy to read dials are pretty much all I ask in a meter, and that’s what we have here. Plus, instead of metering a general scene, you hold the meter’s viewfinder up to your eye to frame and meter your subject. The upshot of this is that it’s basically a poor man’s spot meter. Rather than taking in a wide swath of land and sky it meters more or less only what you frame in the finder.


Set the film speed with the inner wheel, frame your scene in the viewfinder, then press the button on the side to take your reading. Turn the thumbwheel till the LED lights up or turns off. Basic instructions (in Russian) are printed on the back as well.

Sverdlovsk-2 Back

Tips & Tricks

Originally took a now-obsolete 3.7v russian battery, now your best option is to tape a little stack of 1.5v SR44 silver cells together, then put a little spacer in there like a washer or something.


  • Produced Sverdlovsk (?)
  • Meter type reflective (spot)
  • Readout LED
  • Cell type CdS photocell
  • GOST range 1-2000 (DIN 3-36)
  • f-stop range f 0.7 – 64
  • Shutter speed range 60s – 1/4000
  • Weight 3.5oz without batteries
  • Battery 3.5-4.0v (originally 3.7v)
  • battery check light
  • Close Cousins: Sverdlovsk, 3, 4, 5, 6


The meter is fully functional!



Comes with it’s leather case.



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