Vintage soviet Kristall – classic film SLR camera


Soviet classic SLR film camera Kristall

Quite uncommon russian SLR camera

Good choice for novice film users

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Vintage Soviet KRISTALL film SLR



Soviet SLR Kristall with Industar-50 – good way to start experiments with film – viewfinder is TTL(ThroughTheLens) – you’ll see what you get. Well, most of it.

Focusing on ground glass is easy – image becomes shaper/more blurry as you focus(unlike in rangefinders).

Built-in take up spool – means you are not going to loose it!


Good condition camera and lens.

A few marks are precent in the view finder but of course will have no effect on the images.



Camera is in good condition.
Obvious signs of use/age: note the repair done on the aluminium case next to wind crank.

There are few marks/dust in the view finder – they will not appear in the photographs of course.


Lens is clean and clear, no fungus, no haze.
A few micro scratches from wiping / few internal dust particles, but these do not affect image quality.
Mechanics are very good, focus smooth.
Aperture blades are clean from oil.


Camera is fully serviced and is film ready!


Note: Shutter speed on this camera can be set before or after cocking the shutter – no need to be afraid of the “Golden rule”.

Produced: 1961-1962
Name: „Кристалл“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 24×36.
Lens: Industar-50  3.5/50.
Shutter: 1/25s, 1/50s, 1/100s, 1/250s, 1/500s + B.



Comes with original leather case in OK condition + UV filter.



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