🇵🇭 Excellent Zenit ET SLR camera with MC Helios-44-3 58mm f/2.0 lens from 1990s!


Soviet ZENIT ET film SLR camera

Takes m42 screw mount lenses

Comes with MC Helios-44-3 58mm f/2

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Zenit ET 9311693 MC Helios-44-3 9349219 in excellent condition!


The Zenit ET is a solidly-built camera with essentially the same Leica type cloth shutter as earlier Soviet rangefinder and SLR cameras. It has an external selenium meter mounted on the prism front above the lens. The meter isn’t coupled to the camera. The Zenit uses the M42 Pentax screw-mount lens which means there is a variety of lenses from all over the world that will fit it. Partially depressing the shutter release stops down the lens. Additional pressure releases the shutter (source: http://home.att.net/~wayne.cornell/camera/russianslr.html).



Comes with highly desirable MC HELIOS-44-3 58mm f/2.0 lens famous for it’s slightly swirly biotar style bokeh.

Overall the MC HELIOS-44-3 is considered the optimal version of the Helios-44 line.


Both camera and lens are in excellent condition!


No issues to report – fully functional!


Smooth and clean camera and lens from year 1993 – recommended!

According to multiple sources the ZENIT ET were made only until 1991,

which makes this 1993 set a rare find!


Strictly speaking not soviet, since it is made on 2nd year after collapse of Soviet Union,

the camera is soviet in every bit as it’s pre 1991 comrades!

Produced: 1981-1991
Name: „Зенит-ET“
Producer: BeLomo
Frame size: 24×36.
Lens: Helios-44-3  2/58.
Shutter: 1/30s-1/500s + B.



Comes complete with nylon case and strap + lens cap.

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