🇺🇦 Excellent vintage black Jupiter-8 50mm f/2.0 lens, s/n 7414187


Fast standard Sonnar copy for soviet Zorkis

Very popular lens for mirorless: Leicas, Sony NEX, FujiFilm X-mount, Micro 4/3 etc


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JUPITER-8 50mm f/2.0 lens in Leica Thread Mount(m39, LTM)



A copy of the prewar Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f2, this classic fast soviet lens is successfully used on various Leica Mount rangefinder cameras, as well as modern mirrorless systems: Sony NEX, Olympus Pen, Panasonic G, Canon EOS M, Nikon 1, FujiFilm XE-1 etc.

Jupiter-8 has click-less step-less aperture operation with 9 aperture blades – great for video.

Originally produced for m39 Leica thread mount rangefinders, nowadays successfully used via adapters on mirrorless cameras like Sony NEX, Olympus Pen, Panasonic G, Canon EOS M, Nikon 1, FujiFilm X-mount etc.

Jupiter-8 50mm f/2.0 lens comparing to kit zoom lenses

Jupiter-8 is vintage soviet fast fixed focal length(prime) lens, in high demand nowadays for their fast aperture(f/2), which opens up a world of possibilities for photographer – selective focusing, low light photography, great portraits with vintage feel and distinct bokeh courtesy of Carl Zeiss Sonnar formula in use; for their ability to be mounted on various camera systems via affordable and easily available adapters.


Focal length – 50mm
Construction – 6 elements in 3 groups
Angle of view – 45°
Distance scale – 1m – infinity
Diaphragm – f/2 – f/22
Aperture blades – 9
Filter size – 40.5mm thread
Length ±45mm
Weight ±130g
Mount – m39(LTM)
30/14 line per mm optical resolution

This Jupiter-8 is m39 LTM mount lens, adapters will be required to use this lens on modern cameras:

NEX adapter – for Sony NEX E mount cameras
Fuji X adapter – for FujiFilm X-mount cameras
Micro 4/3 adapter – for Panasonic G, Olympus Pen etc
Leica M adapter – for Leica M-mount cameras


Note: This rangefinder lens will not work on (D)SLR cameras due to different flange distance, m42 lenses are recommended instead for Nikons, Canons, Pentax etc.

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The lens s/n 7414187 is in excellent condition!

Lens barrel has very few visible signs of normal use/age on lens barrel.

Glass is clean and clear – has no fungus, no haze, no scratches!

Few internal dust particles may be present, but will not have any effect on photos.

Mechanics are excellent – focus is smooth and uniform.

Aperture blades are free from oil.


Comes complete with both rear & front lens caps.

Optics:  ★★★★

Mechanics:  ★★★★

Appearance: ★★★

Overall:  ★★★★

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