🇺🇦 Kiev branded 49mm metal lens hood


52mm original soviet Kiev metal lens hood!


Will fit Helios-44-2 lenses among others

Fits lenses with 49mm filter thread

Out of stock

Out of stock

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Original KIEV metal rectangular hood, 49mm



For those who have a thing for rectangular hoods on their lenses, very good condition Kiev lens hood.

Please see detailed photos for cosmetics.

Made of metal.

Will fit on lenses with 49mm filter thread.


• Protect the front barrel form the inevitable impacts against walls, door frames, other obstacles
• High impact Metal for long lasting and smooth mounting
• Prevent glare by stopping light from coming into the lens at side angles
• Improves contrast and image quality
• Protects lens from scratches and impacts
• Able to use lens cap and filter with the hood on a lens

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