🇺🇦 Chajka-2 half frame film camera with Industar-69 28mm lens – export version


Soviet vintage half frame Chaika-2 camera

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Chaika-2 – soviet half frame camera


Make the most out of every frame on each film roll with Chaika-2 – this is half frame camera, meaning it uses standard 35mm film but you get double the number of frames out of each roll – 36 exposures roll suddenly becomes 72 exposures roll!


This was the first in a compact, well-made series of half-frame cameras.  28mm (f2.8-16.0) focusing lens.  Close focusing to 3 feet.  PC contact, cable release connection and tripod socket.   Exposure is strictly manual with no built-in meter or exposure guide.  The shutter release button on this series is on the front of the camera, and unfortunately a little too easy to push by mistake as you are advancing the film!  This model is easy to identify from its rectangular shutter release button.  Unlike the later models, this one did not have an interchangeable lens mount.  It also lacked a filter thread on the lens.  It had a nice little film speed reminder on the bottom of the camera, but some people are confused by this and think that the camera has some sort of built-in meter!  Despite its proto-typical flaws, it is a well-made camera (source).


Removable screw mount Industar-69 lens could be used as the lens for an enlarger that was apparently never made available. The threads are the same as those for a Leica lens, but the focusing distance is different, so the lenses are not compatible*

*Modification are in fact possible – to purchase Industar-69 lens only please click here.


Produced: 1967-1972
Name: „Чайка-2“
Producer: MMZ
Frame size: 18×24.
Lens: Industar-69  2.8/28.
Shutter: 1/30s, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250s + B


The camera is in very good to excellent condition.

The shutter works well, aperture opens to preset value.

Lens is clean and clear,  no fungus or anything that would affect image quality.


Comes with original case, lens cap and wrist strap.

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