🇺🇦 Excellent pancake Industar-50-2 50mm lens, s/n 79025120


Industar-50-2 – tiny soviet tessar type anastigmat

m42 screw mount 50mm lens

Made in USSR!

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INDUSTAR-50-2 50mm f/3.5, m42 tessar type lens

Standard 50mm f/3.5 lens for Zenit SLR, can also be used on for photo & video o modern digital cameras via adaptors: Canon, Nikon, Sony NEX, Olympus Pen, Panasonic G, Canon EOS M, Nikon 1, FujiFilm X-mount etc.

Classic lens of tried and true Tessar type – pin sharp anastigmat with 4 lenses in three groups, it was called to the scene when light is difficult and Helioses flared badly.

Recommended as a second lens for difficult light condition and as a general walk around lens – it is tiny and only weighs less then 70grams!

Industar-50-2 comparing to kit zoom lenses

Industar-50-2 is a vintage soviet prime lens, most of all appreciated for it’s tiny size and excellent resolution and contrast – thanks to it’s Carl Zeiss Tessar lineage and for their ability to be mounted on various camera systems via affordable and easily available adapters.


Made by: KMZIndustar-50 scheme optics
Format: 24x36mm
Mount: m42
Focal length: 52mm
Aperture range: 3.5-16
Aperture blades: 7
Close focus: 0.65m
Lenses/groups: 4/3
Weight: 67g(without caps)
Optical resolution: 43/27 lpmm

Adapters will be required to use this lens on modern cameras:

NEX adapter – for Sony NEX E mount cameras
Fuji X adapter – for FujiFilm X-mount cameras
Micro 4/3 adapter – for Panasonic G, Olympus Pen etc
EOS M adapter – for Canon mirrorless cameras
Nikon simple adapter & infinity adapter – on Nikon (D)SLR
Canon EOS adapter – for Canon (D)SLRs
P-K adapter(or infinity) – on Pentax K-mount cameras

Also available “tilting” adapters for Micro 4/3, Fuji X and Sony NEX E and many others here

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The lens s/n 79025120 is in excellent condition!

Lens barrel has few visible signs of normal use/age.

Glass is clean and clear – has no fungus, no haze, no scratches!

Few internal dust particles may also be present, but will not have any effect on photos.

Mechanics are excellent – focus is smooth and uniform.

Aperture blades are free from oil.


Comes with both rear & front lens caps.

Optics:  ★★★★

Mechanics:  ★★★★

Appearance: ★★★

Overall:  ★★★★

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