HELIOS Perfect Fit© genuine leather pouch – perfect for Helios-44 lenses!


Helios lens pouch –  perfect fit for standard(50-58mm focal length) soviet lens

Special price – get it for 495php only when buying the pouch with any lens!

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HELIOS-44 PERFECT FIT© – small real leather pouch for Helios-44 series lenses!


Get it for only 495php with any lens purchase!


Small lens pouch of about 70mm in diameter – a perfect fit for standard(50-58mm focal length) soviet lenses:

– Helios-44, Helios-44m, Helios-44-2, Helios-44-3, Helios-44m-4 to Helios-44m-7
– Helios-77m-4 1.8/50
– Helios-81N, Arsat 2/50
– Zenitar-M 1.7/50. & 1.9/50
– Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 1.8/50, Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58
– other lenses that measure 60-65mm in diameter/60-70mm in hight


Hand made genuine leather pouch is very well made and features drawstring for top dust seal.


Made of genuine soft leather – protects the lens from dust.



Material: genuine leather(2 colour combination)*

Size: about 70mm in diameter x 90mm in Height(below drawstring)

Condition: Brand New



Note: The color of the inset varies from lighter to darker shades of brown with red in between – please specify which colors you’d prefer at check out note(subject to availability)


Special price – get it for 495php only when buying the pouch with any lens! 


*Note: lenses in the photos are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.

*Note: this pouch made of real leather so it is advisable to keep it away from moisture otherwise fungus might develop on it. General rule is to keep the leather pouches away from the condition you would not keep your lenses in.



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