🇵🇭 Industar-69 28mm f/2.8 – modified for infinity focus!


Wide angle lens from half frame Chaika camera

Modified to be used as a normal m39 lens


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Out of stock

Industar-69 28mm, modified for infinity focus


“Normal” soft focus lens for micro 4/3, Sony NEX E, Fuji X user.

Industar-69 is Soviet lens originally used on CHAIKA half frame camera. The user manual specifically mentions not to remove the lens, but that’s exactly what we do in the age of mirrorless cameras!

The lens is pancake wide angle that on full frame will give black vignetting, but on smaller sensors it’s closer to normal focal lengths with only moderate darkening of edges(wide open).


Photo samples taken with two different Industars-69 (in similar condition to the ones in stock) – please see in this flickr album.


DISCLAIMER: Industar-69 is considered a “toy lens” and thus is not of the same quality category & should not be judged by the same criteria as regular m39 Leica Thread Mount lenses, like Industar-61, Industar-26 etc


The lens is in good condition.

Glass is clean and clear, no fungus, no haze, however all of l-69 lenses we handled so far have had various blemishes on glass – internal scratches, air bubbles, dust particles, etc.

Mechanics are good – focusing ranging from almost loose to smooth, however none of them could be compared to excellent mechanics of “proper” lenses like Industar-61 etc.

Aperture ring is smooth.

Aperture blades might have insignificant amount of oil.


Descriptive article with samples from Sony NEX user – in this article.



Comes without lens caps.


This products ships from and only within 🇵🇭 Philippines


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