🇺🇦 Leather belt with handmade brass buckle “russian warship done”


Genuine calf leather belt with cast brass buckle

High quality product hand made in 🇺🇦Ukraine

Ships worldwide with tracking number usually within the same business day

100% of revenue from this product is donated to 🇺🇦Ukrainian Armed Forces



Proudly made in independent Ukraine


Buckles cast in brass. After casting, each buckles are manually processed, further covered by patina and polished.

The buckle is attached to a leather belt mount, which is connected to a belt with a screw, which makes it easy to shorten the belt.
The belt is made of genuine calf leather.

Depicted on the buckle is russian flagman Moskva that was famously told by the Snake island defenders to “go f#ck himself” .

Shortly after the ship was sunk by ukrainian Harpun missiles. Piercing the ship is the Ukrainian trident, the symbol of freedom and free will.



Buckle size: 51х81mm  (2.0 x3.18 inches)


Belt’s length: 120-125cm (47-49 inches)
Belt’s width: 45mm (1.77 inches)

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