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RARE: pre-war FED-NKVD rangefinder camera!


Highly collectable Leica copy FED-NKVD are among the most wanted soviet cameras

Made in 1940 this is pre-war cameras made in Soviet Ukraine

Fully serviced, smooth, clean and ready for film!

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Collectable FED “NKVD”, Leica copy from 1940!




FED-1(D) rangefinder, the pre-war Leica copy – NKVD camera.


Serial number 134633 suggests the 1940 as year of manufacture of this beautiful camera*(according to wiki)


Engravings on camera top:

„ФЭД НКВД – CССР Харьковский комбинат им. ФЭДзержинского“


Condition – very good!

Functionality – full.

Professionally CLA’d in a country it was made and ready for film.


Very smooth camera, pleasure to hold in hands and operate.


Made to a stricter standards, it feels a whole lot better than later soviet Barnacks.

FED NKVD rangefinder camera

Produced: 1934-1955

Name: „ФЭД”

Lens: Industar-22 3.5/50

Shutter: 1/20s, 1/30s, 1/40s, 1/60s, 1/100s, 1/200s, 1/500s + Z.



ATTENTION: as with most Soviet cameras you need to remember to cock shutter BEFORE changing the shutter speed – FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RUIN YOUR CAMERA!


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