🇵🇭 Soviet SMENA rangefinder accessory



SMENA rangefinder accessory

Fits in camera’s accessory shoe

Shows distance to the subject to aid with focusing on scale cameras


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Soviet SMENA rangefinder accessory for scale cameras



This accessory will let you judge the distance correctly so you can focus your cameras better. Can be used on camera(attached to cold/hot shoe) or autonomously.

Allows you to accurately measure the distance to your subject – great help to Smena & other LOMO users with cameras without focusing aid.

The viewfinder is colored PINK, with contrasty yellow/green rectangular rangefinder spot.



Condition: good.

Shows some signs of age and normal use.

Viewfinder is clean, calibrated to show the distance accurately.

This product ships from 🇵🇭Philippines

Comes with original leather case that can be attached to the camera strap.



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