🇺🇦 Soviet Zenit-3m with Helios-44 58mm f/2.0 from 1960s


Soviet classic film camera Zenit-3m from 1960s


Good choice for novice film users

Comes with silver Helios-44 with slightly swirly bokeh!

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Vintage soviet SLR ZENIT-3m with early HELIOS-44, from 1960s



Soviet SLR Zenit-3m with Helios-44 – good way to start experiments with film – viewfinder is TTL(ThroughTheLens) – you’ll see what you get. Well, most of it.

Focusing on ground glass is easy – image becomes shaper/more blurry as you focus(unlike in rangefinders).

Built-in take up spool – means you are not going to loose it!

This particular camera is from the series that came with faster Helios-44 lens(as opposed to slower Industar 3.5/50) and quality leather case that becomes half-case(has removable top part)


Camera(s/n 66080664) is in very good condition.

Very few signs of use on body, mechanically is excellent.


Lens(s/n 6035676 ) is in very good condition.

Very few visible signs of use / age on lens barrel. Glass is clean and clear, no fungus, no haze.
Multile micro scratches are present. Few dust particles are possible, but will not affect images.
Mechanics are excellent, focus is smooth and uniform.
Aperture blades are clean from oil.



Shutter speed on this camera can be set before and after cocking the shutter.

Camera is fully functional and is hungry for film!



Produced: 1962-1970

Name: „Зенит-3M“

Producer: KMZ

Frame size: 24×36.

Lens: Helios-44 2/58.

Shutter: 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s, 1/500s + B.



Comes complete with:

  • it’s leather case/strap in good condition – becomes half-case
  • lens cap
  • it’s box and paper manual (in russian)

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