🇺🇦 16КП-1,2/50( PO-109-1A ) – super fast soviet 50mm f/1.2


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16КП-1,2/50 ( or PO-109 1A) – super fast soviet 50mm f/1.2

Projector lens: fixed aperture to f/1.2 and no focusing helicoid

Successfully used with helicoid adapters for images with very swirly bokeh – much like Petzval

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Super fast swirly 50mm f/1.2 (16KP) projector lens – good for adapting on helicoid adapters



This is an ultra fast anastigmat with chemically coated elements. The lens is designed for 16mm motion-picture projectors with a 7,5х10,4 frame size.

The lens features a high level of residual aberration correction and high resolution (90/45 lines per mm – about twice the resolving power of typical Helios-44 series lens!).


*Note: Image circle covers APS-C size of sensor or smaller, but on full frame would give solid black vignette.



The lens is in excellent condition.

Glass is free from fungus, scratches, haze and alike.

Dust particles are present but will have effect on image quality.


This lens is for DIY projects –  it’s 50mm f/1.2 – fixed.
It does not have aperture. It does not have focusing helicoid.




Comes as complete retail set with:

  • front cap
  • rear cap
  • passport
  • it’s carton packaging

This product ships from 🇺🇦Ukraine usually within the same business day!

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