🇵🇭 Lomography 35mm film camera SMENA-7, s/n 000985 – excellent condition!


Classic soviet lomography camera Smena-7

In excellent condition & fully functional!


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LOMO SMENA-7 Soviet lomography camera


Classic soviet lomography film camera.


Camera s/n 000985 is in excellent condition & fully functional.



As an original soviet product, Smena was a big event in soviet photo industry. Soviets for almost two decades produced heavy-duty Fed cameras, for the last five years tryed to reclaim high Zeiss Ikon Contax technologies and made first step in Zenit SLR camera releasing. The poverty nation was asking for something simple, trustworthy and cheap. And the new camera Smena was born … – from sovietcams.com



Produced: 1969-1971
Name: „Смена-7“
Producer: LOMO
Lens: Triplet-43 4/40
Shutter: 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250 + B.

This product ships from ?? Philippines warehouse

Comes with original faux leather case/strap + film cassette.


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