🇵🇭 Prewar vintage Carl Zeiss Sonnar T 135mm f/4 lens, from 1938!


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Excellent condition Carl Zeiss Sonnar lens


Contax RF mount vintage lens

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Carl Zeiss Sonnar T 135mm f/4 s/n 2287722 in excellent condition!


Excellent condition vintage silver telephoto Sonnar in Kiev/Contax rangefinder mount.

Check out our own samples on Sony A7 with this very lens on our flickr – https://goo.gl/n7YieE

Vintage pre-war Carl Zeiss Sonnar tele lens for Contax rangefinder cameras.

With adapters can be used on Sony NEX, Olympus/Panasonic Micro 4/3 systems etc.

According to this page, serial number points to 1938 as year of manufacture for this silver Sonnar.



Optically and mechanically excellent lens, beautiful coating.


Condition of the lens(s/n2287722 ) is excellent – has very few signs of use/age.

Glass is clean and clear, no fungus, no haze, no scratches!
Might have few light wipe marks/few internal dust particles – this will not have any effect on photos.

Aperture blades with just a hint of oil.

Produced by: Carl Zeiss Jena

Format: 24x36mm

Mount: Contax bayonet mount

Focal length: 13.5cm

Aperture range: 4.0-22

Aperture blades: 12

Close focus: 1.5m

This product ships from 🇵🇭Philippines

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