🇺🇦 Excellent BeLOMO AGAT-18K half frame camera, NOS!


With half frame Agat-18k you get 72 exposures per roll of 36 frames!


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AGAT-18K soviet half frame lomography camera



Fully manual, SUNNY SIXTEEN heaven in half frame factor!


Description below taken from sovietcams.com:

“The Agat 18 is a small cheap all plastic Soviet-made half frame 35mm camera of dubious quality. The glass triplet lens is actually quite sharp for such a low end camera, but the inferior (mono) coating makes it very prone to flaring. Couple this with light leak problems and it seems to fall more into the “toy camera” realm than that of a serious camera, but it is still rather fun to shoot. The camera is totally manual, though not in the typical sense, since it works only in a “mechanical program mode” were you first set the film speed (16-250 ASA) and then just use the “sunny-16″ icons on the front dial. The camera adjusts both aperture and shutter speed (1/30-1/250) for a perfect exposure (it actually works quite well). The 28mm lens is scale focused from .9m-infinity. The camera is one of the smallest and definitely the lightest half frame 35mm cameras that you can buy”



Camera is in excellent condition and is fully functional.


Just load that film and get your 72 exposures per roll of 36!



Produced: 1988-1991

Name: AGAT-18K

Producer: BeLomo

Frame size: 18×24

Lens: Industar-104 2.8/28

Shutter: estimated by weather symbols.


Comes complete with it’s lens cap & strap, in it’s box

This product ships from 🇺🇦 Ukraine with tracking number usually within the same business day

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