🇵🇭 Kiev-30M 16mm film miniature camera



Kiev-30M miniature 16mm camera


Made in Soviet Ukraine just before the collapse of the Soviet Union

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Kiev-303 16mm film miniature camera
Made in USSR!



The Soviets liked the design of the original Minolta 16mm camera so much that the original Vega camera was a near-exact copy.  And they copied the original cassette as well — in fact, it is interchangeable with the Minolta cassette.  But over time, the Kiev engineers modified just about everything: the camera, the features, the format and the cassette, as well.  The Vega 2 was designed to allow for 30 pictures on a roll instead of the original 20 — the film counter was changed as well.  Let’s call this second-generation of cassettes the “Vega 2” cassette.   To accomodate the extra film, the inside of the cassette was modified.   Although it looks just like the Minolta cassette, the diameter of the take-up spool is slightly different. (source: http://www.subclub.org/shop/kiev.htm)


In a camera very little larger than its predecessor, the format is increased  about 25% to 13x17mm on unperforated 16mm film. Same lens, same viewing angle, different format. The calculator disk is moved to the rear, near the viewfinder window, now featuring a round window instead of rectangular, as used on the Vega


Camera is in very good condition and appears to be fully working.

This product ships from 🇵🇭Philippines

Produced: 1974-1987
Name: „Киев-30“
Producer: Kiev Arsenal.
Frame size: 13×17 mm.
Lens: Industar-M  3.5/23.
Shutter: 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/200.




Comes with it’s strap.



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