🇺🇦 LOMO SMENA-8m GREEN – 35mm film camera


Fully functional red SMENA-8m!


Lomography LOMO 35mm soviet film camera

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Experience the legendary lomography plastic-fantastic!

Needs no batteries, just film inside and you behind it – fully manual lightweight 35mm LOMO camera with sharp Triplet glass lens.
Unique colour – stands out from the crowd!


Camera is fully functional.


Produced: 1970-1995
Refurbished: 2013
Name: CMEHA-8M
Producer: LOMO
Lens: Triplet-43 4/40

This product ships from 🇺🇦Ukraine with tracking number usually within the same business day!

These are special edition cameras with unusual colours – refurbished using the original russian stock Smena-8m.


Professionally Cleaned-Lubricated-Adjusted and guaranteed to work!


Please download user manual here.



Includes take up spool and soft case*.

*color of the soft case may be different from pictured.

This product ships from 🇺🇦Ukraine with tracking number

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