🇺🇦 LOMO Smena-8M lomography 35mm film camera with case


Classic choice for lomography enthusiasts


Fully mechanical LOMO Smena-8M – enables multiple exposures on the same film frame!

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LOMO SMENA-8m camera – classic 35mm film camera



Experience the legendary plastic-fantastic! Needs no batteries, just film inside and you behind it – fully manual lightweight 35mm LOMO camera with great lens.

Appreciated for it’s full manual mode operation, light weight and excellent coated Triplet lens, this lomography staple is a real winner!

Multiple exposure feature comes as a side effect due to simplicity of it’s design – great for experiments with film.


Camera is used but is fully functional, clean and smooth – ready for film!


This is classic version Smena-8m with regular dual logo on it’s face plate.


Made by LOMO in Soviet Russia.



Produced: 1970-1995

Name: CMEHA-8M

Producer: LOMO

Lens: Triplet-43 4/40



Legendary 40mm T-43 Triplet lens

Link to English language user manual here.

This product ships from ??Ukraine usually within the same business day!

Comes with take up spool, original case/strap.


*Please note that the serial number of the camera you will receive might be different from the photograph, but it will be identically fully functional and with very similar exterior condition.



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