🇵🇭 m39 Macro Extension Tubes – vintage 4 piece set


VINTAGE, original Soviet made macro tubes!


This product ships from 🇵🇭Philippines

Set of four pieces, m39, in plastic case.

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Soviet made macro extension tubes, set of four!



An extension tube – also called extension ring – is used with interchangeable lenses to focus closer, useful in macro photography.

The tube contains no optical elements; its sole purpose is to move the lens farther from the image plane. The farther away the lens is, the closer the focus, the greater the magnification.


These are VINTAGE, original Soviet made tubes, made of metal.


Condition: pre-owned,  very good to excellent – cosmetically might have some minor blemishes, but functionality is 100%.

Full set of four m39 tubes, in original plastic case.


This product ships from 🇵🇭Philippines


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