M42 lens to Micro 4/3 adapter


m42 lens to Micro 4/3 mount adapter

Adjustable type, with flange for aperture pin

Compatible with Micro 4/3 cameras: Olympus, Panasonic mirrorless etc

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M42 lens to Micro 4/3 camera adapter


Attach your vintage m42 screw mount lenses to Micro 4/3 mount camera with this adapter.



Lens compatibility: all M42 screw mount

Camera: all digital cameras with micro 4/3 mount, such as:

Olympus EP1,EP2,EP3,EPL1,EPL2,EPL3,EPL5,OM-D E-M5 etc;

Panasonic G1,G2,G3,GH1,GH2,GF1,GF2,GF3,GX1 etc.



Focus: allows infinity focusing

Material: aluminium and brass

Included: 1 x lens mount adapter

Brand new and unused

Also available: m42 to micro 4/3 “TILT” version of adapter – for bokeh madness!

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