🇵🇭 m42 PZF macro bellows – for amazing macro!


Achieve amazing magnifications with this vintage macro accessory

Original soviet made accessory

m42 mount – can attach to modern cameras with m42 adapters

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PZF macro bellows, made in USSR!


Can be used pretty much on any modern camera with any m42 lens – get amazing magnifications with this vintage macro accessory.

Much larger then life magnifications in camera.

Can be used on tripod or free handed.


Condition: very good to excellent!




* Mounting M42 x 1mm groove, known as Pentax Thread Mount, same with a lot of old SLR cameras (Practica, Chinon, Yashika, Bessaflex etc).
* Mounting for different modern SLR & dSLR cameras will not bring any trouble with well-spread M42 adapters.
* Lens mount is via easy removable rings, thus you can place camera and lens at any end of bellows.
* Magnifying: ratio from 0.9:1 up to 4.7:1 with 50mm lens… bellows can be extended up to 290mm total.
* Bellows can be mounted on tripod via any of two sockets: one socket 1/4″ and other 3/8″.
* Excellent steel reels.
* Fine tuning is available with special reel and gear wheels (about 100 mm of total length).
* Spring blend aperture drivers are not included into this device.
* Dimensions (in combined position): 95x115x170mm.
* Weight: about 600 grams.
* Made in USSR in 1980s.




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