🇺🇦 Very good to excellent MC Helios-44-3 58mm f/2 lens, s/n 9403205


Arguably the best lens of Helios-44 series


Multicoated lens, silent aperture control

8 blades of aperture – swirly bokeh

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49mm metal vented lens hood

49mm УФ-1 filter

Soviet MC HELIOS-44-3 58mm f/2.0 multicoated vintage prime


Standard fast 58mm f/2 lens for Zenit SLR, can also be used on for photo & video o modern digital cameras via adaptors: Canon, Nikon, Sony NEX, Olympus Pen, Panasonic G, Canon EOS M, Nikon 1, FujiFilm X-mount etc.

Helios-44-3 – the ultimate Helios-44-2?
This lens combines multicoating(feature of more recent Helioses) plus the ergonomics and functionality of the earlier(and extremely popular nowadays) HELIOS-44-2, which makes it a really cool FSU lens to have on any camera system!

Helios-44 series of lenses comparing to kit zoom lenses

Helios-44 is a vintage soviet line of fast fixed focal length(prime) lenses, in high demand nowadays for their fast aperture(f/2), which opens up a world of possibilities for photographer – selective focusing, low light photography, great portraits with vintage feel and beautiful bokeh courtesy of Carl Zeiss Biotar formula in use; for their ability to be mounted on various camera systems via affordable and easily available adapters.


MC HELIOS-44-3 comparing to other Helios-44 versions

The 44-3 still has 8 blades of aperture from earlier design, which create natural looking bokeh(later versions of the lens although often sharper/with more contrast, have less blades in aperture, thus rendering highlights in the background as less natural shapes). Helios-44-3 also has silent “clickless” aperture ring – great news for videographers.

Yet H-44-3 is multicoated lens already, like the later H-44-5, 6 & 7.

52mm filter thread
8 diaphragm blades
F/2-16 max-min preset aperture
50cm minimum focusing distance
6 lenses in 4 groups
230g of weight
60mm length
40/21 line per mm optical resolution


Adapters will be required to use this lens on modern cameras:

NEX adapter – for Sony NEX E mount cameras
Fuji X adapter – for FujiFilm X-mount cameras
Micro 4/3 adapter – for Panasonic G, Olympus Pen etc
EOS M adapter – for Canon mirrorless cameras
Nikon simple adapter & infinity adapter – on Nikon (D)SLR
Canon EOS adapter – for Canon (D)SLRs
P-K adapter(or infinity) – on Pentax K-mount cameras

Also available “tilting” adapters for Micro 4/3, Fuji X and Sony NEX E and many others here

Creates beautiful Biotar style bokeh –

out of focus highlights are rendered as beautiful discs(in the right conditions),

making the background swirl slightly.

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The lens s/n 9403205 is in very good to excellent condition

Lens has very few visible signs of use/age.

Glass is clean and clear – has no fungus, no haze.

Few micro scratches from wiping / few internal dust particles may be present, but will not have any effect on photos.

Mechanics are excellent – focusing is smooth and uniform.

Aperture blades are free from oil.


Comes with rear lens cap.






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