🇺🇦 Small neoprene pouch – fit for Helios-44 series (or similar) lenses


Excellent protective and carrying pouch for your vintage prime lenses

Great for lenses 60-65mm in diameter/60-70mm in hight

Good fit for soviet Helios-44 series, Helios-77m, Helios-8, Zenitar-M etc

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Small neoprene pouch for Helios-44 series lenses or alike


Small lens pouch of 65mm diameter – a perfect fit for standard(50-58mm focal length) soviet lenses:

– Helios-44, Helios-44m, Helios-44-2, Helios-44-3, Helios-44m-4 to Helios-44m-7
– Helios-77m-4 1.8/50
– Helios-81N, Arsat 2/50
– Zenitar-M 1.7/50. & 1.9/50
– Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 1.8/50, Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58
– other lenses that measure 60-65mm in diameter/60-70mm in hight



Pouch is well executed and features:
– drawstring for top seal
– carabiner


Material: Neoprene

Size: 65mm(Diameter) x 80mm(Height)

Condition: Brand New


Made of neoprene, same material they use for diving suits – provides good protection from scratches, dust and impact.

Neoprene is rather thick material(about 3.5mm thick) so it is shock-absorbing much like padded pouches.


*Note: lenses in the photos are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.

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