Soviet KP A/H Nikon tail end adapter(for Tair-11A, Mir-10A, Jupiter-37A)


Turns the soviet m42 A-series lenses in to Nikon mount

See the list of compatible lenses below

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Soviet KP A/H Nikon tail end adapter



“A” series of lenses have replaceable tail end – m42 mount tail can be replaced with Nikon F tail, which allows focusing to infinity and resolution retained(does not affect image quality).


Note: this is the replaceable Nikon mount tail end for the lenses like MIR-10A, JUPITER-37A, Jupiter-11A, TAIR-11A and other Soviet A-lenses only.

It does NOT work with all m42 lenses, it is only compatible with the above mentioned models that allow changing of the back side of lens.


If you have other m42 screw mount lens and just need Nikon adapter, please see these products:



Material: metal(not plastic)

Compatibility: known to work only with A-series of Soviet lenses.

Condition: used, in very good condition

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