🇵🇭 Soviet teleconverter MC 2x K-1, s/n 856555


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Soviet made accessory for extending focal length

Fits any lens with m42 screw mount

Made in USSR!

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Teleconverter MC 2x K-1, s/n 856555


Russian MC Converter K-1 2X for SLR cameras M42 Zenit/Pentax type

MC CONVERTER K1 is intended for two-fold magnification of focal lengths of the Pentax, Zenit, Praktica type 35mm format reflex cameras lenses.

The converter is a five-element optical system. The presence of the converter extends the camera shooting possibilities even when minimum number of interchangeable lenses are used.
With a standard lens and only one interchangeable lens you become an owner of four lenses. When the lens operates with the converter its resolving power reduces insignificantly.
The converter is provided with a special multilayer coating (MC) which improves the quality of image and increases its contrast range on account of increasing the integrated transmission and decreasing the diffusion.

Compatible with majority of m42 lenses.

Excellent condition – with very few signs of normal use/age.



This product ships from 🇵🇭Philippines

Comes with cap, in it’s case.



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