Vintage Helios-40 85mm f/1.5 – swirly bokeh king!


Legendary soviet vintage glass HELIOS-40 1.5/85

King of swirly bokeh!

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Out of stock

HELIOS-40 85mm f/1.5 lens, vintage m39 ZTM lens


If there’s one lens to be called the ultimate Soviet legend it would be the HELIOS-40 1.5/85. It’s swirly bokeh inspired many into trying the vintage glass, and really, what this lens can do in the right conditions, blows everything else out of the water – vintage or modern.

Just google “Helios-40” or “Helios-40-2” if you haven’t heard about this lens, check the  images it produces and you will realize what you’ve been missing!  This half a century lens old can produce images which will turn many heads!

Creates beautiful Biotar style bokeh –

out of focus highlights are rendered as beautiful discs(in the right conditions),

making the background swirl slightly.

It  has very few signs of normal use on barrel.
Optics are clean and clear, no fungus, no haze, no scratches!

Few internal dust particles may be present, but do not affect image quality.

Mechanics are excellent: focusing is smooth and even.

Aperture bases are free from oil.




Optical resolution(centre/side) – 32/16 lines/mm
m39 Zenit Thread Mount
(comes with m39 to m42 step-up ring)
66mm filter thread.
10 diaphragm blades.
F/1.5-22 max-min aperture.
1.2m minimum focusing distance.
Flange distance – 45.2mm
Weight – 1090g 


Comes complete with case, KMZ logo filters, metal front cap, plastic rear cap + m39 to m42 step-up ring.

Available accessories:
perfect lens pouch for Helios-40


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