🇺🇦 FED Zarya 35mm soviet film camera


Soviet 35mm film camera with scale focusing


Simplified version of FED-2 – good choice for street photography

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FED Zarya 35mm film camera



Cool looking modification of FED-2 which does not include rangefinder. Otherwise it’s identical to FED-2(D) camera.

Scale focusing camera, accepts m39 Leica Thread Mount lenses.

Comes with Industar-26m, which is standard lens for FED rangefinder cameras, can be used as is on Zorki, Leica, Canon, other m39  LTM rangefinders.

With adapters can be used as portrait lens on modern mirrorless camera systems: Sony NEX, Olympus Pen, Panasonic G, Canon EOS M, Nikon 1, FujiFilm X-mount etc.


The simple and reliable shutter mechanism of Zarya allows for changing speeds before or after cocking the shutter – without risk of ruining your camera unlike with the most FSU rangefinders.



Condition – excellent.

Lens is clean and clear, with excellent smooth focus.
Lens is without blemishes that would affect images.


Comes with leather case/strap in good condition +  front lens cap +  take up spool.

After a complete service by professional tech, CLA’d and film ready! 

Zarya has the FED-2’s reliable shutter mechanism – the version where you can change speeds before or after cocking shutter.

This product ships from 🇺🇦Ukraine usually within the same business day!

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