🇵🇭 LOMO Smena-Symbol vintage film camera – RED!


Soviet LOMO Smena Symbol 35mm film camera

Rare red version

Sharp coated Triplet-43 glass lens

Made in USSR!

This product ships from 🇵🇭Philippines

Out of stock

Out of stock

Smena-Symbol lomography 35mm film camera




Symbol was an improved Smena-8m, with added advance lever coupled with shutter cocking, rewind crank and slightly larger physical size.

Comes with the same great coated glass lens, same leaf shutter.


Very good condition – no scratches, no fungus, shutter and other mechanics all work great!


Producer: LOMO 
Frame size: 24×36 mm. 
Lens: Triplet-43 4/40
Shutter: 1/15s, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250s + B.


Rare red version of the Smena-Symbol.

This product ships from 🇵🇭Philippines

Comes with original faux leather case/strap in good condition.


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