🇺🇦 Praktica L vintage SLR film camera – body only


Praktica L vintage film SLR camera with m42 screw lens mount

Can be used with Helios-44, Carl Zeiss Jena or other m42 lenses

Comes with case and strap in excellent condition

Quality – Made in Germany!

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Praktica L vintage film SLR s/n 148449
Made in Germany!


The Praktica L is the basic of the basics. It is a M42 mount fully manual and mechanical 35mm SLR with no light meter. The L is the first camera released in the BIG Praktica L-series family, manufactured by VEB Pentacon in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR/East Germany). Putting the word “big” in capital letters is in no way exaggerating the number of cameras in the Praktica L-series. In fact, there are more than 70 different cameras (to name a few: L, LLC, VLC, EE 2 and the MTL5 in my previous post) in the family including different models, variants within a specific model and export versions. The production years lasted from 1969 to 1989 (one year before the German reunification), spanning across four generations!

All cameras in the Pratkica L-series use a strong vertical-travel metal-blade shutter, solving the weakness of the cloth shutters used in many of the “pre-L” models. Almost all L-series cameras have mechanical shutters with speeds from 1 to 1/1000 seconds (some low-end models have top-speed at 1/500 seconds) and sync speed at 1/125 seconds. Thus, these models (including the the LLC’s which rely on electronics on the lens for meter-coupling) can all functoin without the battery (of course, with no metering). The only exception are the EE’s because they have a stepless electronically controlled shutter.

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Camera is in very good condition, all speeds work.


Quality: Made in Germany!


Comes with original case & strap.

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